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Thoughts on a 7-0 loss

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Mariners 7, Rangers 0

  • At least the Angels lost. Still 5 up in the A.L. West.
  • Luis Martinez was called up before the game, as Mike Napoli's bruised quad has him sidelined likely through tomorrow. That means more Yorvit Torrealba, and it also meant Yoshinori Tateyama was optioned to make room for Martinez on the active roster. With Koji Uehara and Alexi Ogando apparently returning any day now, Tateyama's time on the active roster was likely coming to an end soon anyway.
  • This game was one of the more depressing and uninteresting games I've seen in a while. Yu Darvish got in trouble in the first inning, having one of those episodes he gets stricken with where his command disappears, and ended up allowing four runs on a bases loaded walk, a Michael Young error on what should have been a double play ball, and a two run single. Three more runs came across later in the game when Dustin Ackley doubled home Kyle Seager with two outs in the fourth inning (when Seager should have been out, and the inning over, on what should have been a double play earlier in the inning), a John Jaso home run in the 5th, and a Michael Saunders single in the 7th. Darvish was fine from innings two through six...but in the first and in the seventh, he seemingly had nothing. Very frustrating outing.
  • It could have been worse...Darvish was pulled after a Justin Smoak walk in the 8th loaded the bases with one run in and one out. Michael Kirkman managed to get the next two batters without allowing a run to score, though.

  • Martin Perez may have made his final outing in the majors for a while, with a walk/GIDP/ground out sequence to retire the side in the 8th. Perez has apparently been kept up in the majors so that he can start if Colby Lewis isn't ready to be activated on Wednesday, but all indications are that Lewis will be good to go, so Perez will likely be optioned soon.
  • Today's performance by Felix Hernandez was about as dominant an outing as you'll see, with King Felix striking out 12 Rangers, walking no one, and allowing 3 hits as part of a complete game shutout. And watching the game, Felix looked as dominant as his line no point did it ever appear that the Rangers were even a threat to scratch out a run. Elvis Andrus, Michael Young, and Yorvit Torrealba got the base hits, and Torrealba ended up getting erased when Leonys Martin grounded into a double play.
  • Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz came to the plate 6 times and struck out 6 times. From the way they looked in their at bats, if they'd come to the plate 100 times against Felix, they probably would struck out 100 times.
  • Leonys Martin is now 0 for his last 15. He's hitting .176, and his last hit was on June 27.
  • The Rangers are leading the majors in runs scored (or were heading into tonight's game, anyway...I haven't checked to see if that's changed as a result of today's games). Still, games like tonight's are the ones that result in gnashing of teeth over the seemingly lifeless offense. From about the third inning on, the offense seemed to be focused on getting up there and getting their at bats over with as soon as possible, so they could get the game over with, head back to the hotel, and try to bounce back tomorrow. I don't think that's the reality, but watching the team today, you wouldn't think this was one of the best offensive teams in baseball.
  • Michael Young's defense. Good grief. After an error last night in the 9th inning that could have cost the Rangers the game (thank goodness for bad M's baserunning), Young had another bad error in the first inning today, and then, in the fourth inning, blew a chance at a double play by not having his foot on the bag when Elvis Andrus, after catching a line drive, threw to first in plenty of time to double off Kyle Seager. Once Mitch Moreland returns from the disabled list, and you can run a first base platoon of him and Mike Napoli, I have to wonder if we'll see Young have little more than cameo appearances at first.