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This Day in LSB History

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Seven years ago today, Juan Dominguez went AWOL and was placed on the restricted list.

Wow...its been seven years since the mysterious Juan Dominguez disappearance? And there was an LSB seven years ago to talk about it?

Juan Dominguez's major league career was short and sad, an example of someone who threw away the opportunity to be a major leaguer because of immaturity and poor personal choices. Dominguez exploded on the scene in 2003, starting in high-A, then hitting AA and AAA before ending the season in the majors, providing some hope for a team that was desperately looking for young pitching.

Dominguez spent the following two years driving the Rangers crazy, with the team finally deciding to cut bait on him at the end of spring training in 2006, with Dominguez getting sent to the A's as part of a three team deal that netted the Rangers John Rheinecker and John Koronka. While Koronka and Rheinecker did little for Texas, Dominguez never pitched in the majors again, and has been out of U.S. baseball since 2006.