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Some off-day linkaliciousness

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Its an off-day, but it is also Monday, and Monday's often have lots of linkiness to use for a linkaliciousness post, so here you go...

Josh Hamilton needs a today's off day off. Why?

Hamilton admitted the concentrated activity surrounding the All-Star Game activities wore him out.

Marc Hulet has a midseason top 50 prospect list up. Jurickson Profar and Mike Olt both make the cut.

Russell "pizzacutter" Carleton has a piece up at BP, updating his old, and well-known, "when do stats normalize" study with more rigorous math and methodology.

Jeff Sullivan has a post up about Chone Figgins grabbing Ian Kinsler's ankle, and it includes a gif.

Sullivan also has the Week in Worst.

Dave Cameron is doing his "Top 50 Trade Value" series again, and leads off by taking a look back at last year's top 50. I think it is safe to say that Ubaldo Jimenez (#25), Kevin Youkilis (#29), Michael Pineda (#32) and Tim Lincecum (#33) will not make the cut.

The #46-50 players on the 2012 list are up, and Elvis Andrus checks in at #50, behind, interestingly enough, Alcides Escobar, at #47. Escobar is under team control for longer than Andrus, but if Escobar's first half offensive spike isn't sustained, that's a bug, not a feature.

Jerry Crasnick tweets:

Oh, snap...

Ken Rosenthal has a story about the "new superpowers out West." He's talking about the Rangers and the Angels. What would the Rangers' superpower be? I'm thinking, the power of invisibility. I'm open for other suggestions, though.

Jon Paul Morosi says to "expect a trading market frenzy" at the deadline this year.

Ernesto Frieri is mortal! He allowed a run!

And completely a Higgs Boson is like shuffling a deck of cards.