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Wednesday Morning Stuff

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LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 13:  Rangers beat Oakland, unrelated photo of Rihanna.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 13: Rangers beat Oakland, unrelated photo of Rihanna. (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
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Jeff Fletcher at ESPN Dallas has some quotes from Roy Oswalt, saying that last night was his best game as a Ranger so far. He also has a quote from Josh Reddick, who homered off Oswalt in the seventh, saying, "I don't feel he was very good." There is not a quote from Roy Oswalt asking, "Josh who?"

Fletcher also has his rapid reax, noting trademark Michael Young leadershippings when Young failed to score from third on a grounder to second in the fourth inning. All worked according to plan, however, when Napoli singled him home. You're welcome, Mike Napoli, signed, Michael Young.

Over at the DMN blog, Gerry Fraley says Koji Uehara's return to the bullpen is going to be delayed by lingering soreness in his injured lat, and discusses Colby Lewis' return to the rotation. He notes that Lewis hasn't been on a Major League disabled list since 2005, though a significant chunk of that time was spent in Japan recovering from suck-itis.

Evan Grant answers reader questions, and with the skilled aplomb of a politician deftly turns a reader query about whether the Rangers should acquire Ryan Howard into a proposal that they acquire catcher Carlos Ruiz. Touche, Mr. Grant! Because if this front office traded for Ryan Howard I would probably think they'd been possessed by brain slugs.

T.R. Sullivan talks trade deadline, with a few quotes from Jon Daniels, though ultimately it is as devoid of juicy bits as a Google Image Search for "Snooki leaked photos."

Jeff Wilson at the Star-Telegram asks that you gather 'round the campfire as he spins the tale of how Craig Gentry gritted and hustled the Rangers to victory (with his lunchpail). Craig Gentry was a steel drivin' man, oh Lordy!

And, finally, because you're all a bunch of nerds who need to stop diddling your slide rules and watch a baseball game, here's a list of conspiracy theories involving computational complexity.