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Monday Morning Rangers Update

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The Rangers reliance on the big inning of late came back to bite them last night. It seemed like the offense just waited and waited for someone to get the big hit that never came. That's a shame. Yu Darvish pitched well enough to win.

Christian Corona's game recap focuses on the job Yu Darvish did while getting nothing from the bats.

Clint Foster has the Rapid Reaction to the Rangers 3-1 loss to the Oakland Athletics.

Drew Davison wraps up last night's game. At least the Rangers won the series, right?

Anthony Andro writes about the Rangers collecting a franchise record seven (probably eight) All-Star selections. Enjoy Kansas City the entire Rangers infield, Josh Hamitlon, 40% of the rotation (hopefully), and the team's closer.

T.R. Sullivan writes about how you can make that probably and hopefully a reality by voting for Darvish in the MLB Final Vote ballot.

Andro writes that Darvish isn't sweating the final vote stuff. And, frankly, neither should we. Japan's got this.

Grant writes behind the DMN paywall on how Yu might have improved his chances of getting selected to the All-Star game despite a loss to the A's.

With practically the entire team representing the franchise at the All-Star game--with more selections than any other team in baseball--behind the DMN paywall, Gerry Fraley writes that the Rangers are under the radar no more.

Richard Durrett has a piece on the Rangers knowing the importance of winning a Midsummer Classic that matters more than anyone.

Jeff Wilson writes about the Rangers likely sitting out the J2 signing period until they know the fate of the Jairo Beras contract. Well, darn.

Grant writes about the Rangers' trade deadline plans with Jon Daniels saying he doesn't expect the Rangers to be players in the trade market.

Corona handles the Notebook with items on Derek Holland potentially returning from the DL before the All-Star break and Hamilton having a bruised armpit which is why you may have seen him grabbing at that area during at-bats the last few nights.

Davison's notes cover Holland starting his second rehab game tonight, more from Daniels on the trade deadline, and various pitcher injury updates.

Lastly, the FOX Sports Southwest staff has a report on noted disliked human being A.J. Pierzynski having, as the kids say, a rather severe case of posterior soreness about not being invited to the All-Star Game. Ron Washington said earlier yesterday that he felt bad that he couldn't find a spot for Pierzynski--who is having a good year for an American League catcher--more so than any player Washington didn't add. Pierzynski, obviously ignorant to the rules of roster limits, responded:

"If (Washington) felt that bad he would have put me on the team," Pierzynski said when asked about Washington's comments by reporters on Sunday. "He had an opportunity to do it and he didn't do it. Obviously he can feel as bad as he wants, but he didn't feel that bad."

Here's the thing, though. The only A.L. catcher that Pierzynski really has a gripe with is Mike Napoli; the one selected by the fans. The players and coaches voted for Matt Wieters. That left Washington to choose between Pierzynski and Joe Mauer. Not only has Mauer been a better player for his entire career, he's been a better player this season. And there's that pesky every-team-must-be-represented rule that Pierzynski might want to look up that gave Washington every reason to pick the Twins catcher. Besides, you'd think such a noted October Tigers fan would be more upset that Austin Jackson was snubbed anyway.

Here's a hint, Pierzynski: You can't be a jerk your entire life and then get mad when you don't win the popularity contest.