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Monday Morning Rangers Update

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Bobby Wilson: The John Hester of that night
Bobby Wilson: The John Hester of that night

The Rangers began baseball's second half on an eight game road trip and now return home with a bigger lead in the division than when they began. As annoying as last night's game was, you take that every time.

T.R. Sullivan covers last night's annoying game where annoying things happened that annoyed us.

Blair Angulo handles the ESPN Dallas rapid reaction to the Rangers 7-4 defeat at the hand of the Anaheim Angels.

Jeff Wilson's game recap is about the offense letting Matt Harrison down the first time in like two months he hasn't been awesome.

Sullivan has a piece on the current state of the Rangers rotation. Roy Oswalt will be skipped tonight with back soreness and Colby Lewis is potentially facing another stint on the disabled list because of lingering forearm tightness.

However, before you go and get your Cole Hamels replica jersey order placed, Evan Grant quotes Jon Daniels on the importance of the rotation depth the Rangers have built. Jon Daniels isn't in the business of panicking.

With that said, in case the Rangers do decide that they want to panic, Anthony Andro writes that at least they have a little over a week to still address the issue should Operation Scott Feldman is Plan B fail.

Brent Shirley over at the Star-Telegram writes about the Ballpark becoming a madhouse for people who want to watch Texas Rangers baseball games.

T.R. Sullivan and Christian Corona share a Notebook with which to write in about Mitch Moreland beginning a rehab assignment and various other items of note for books.

Wilson's notes cover the old-guy-white-guys-in-the-rotation injury problems and David Murphy's tale of almost puking at Angel Stadium which is personally a life-long dream of mine.

Lastly, here's a slideshow on how some Rangers minor leaguers performed last week. Spoilers: Jurickson Profar did well.