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Wednesday A.M. Stuff

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ARLINGTON, TX - JULY 24: Padilla gonna Padilla. (Photo by Rick Yeatts/Getty Images)
ARLINGTON, TX - JULY 24: Padilla gonna Padilla. (Photo by Rick Yeatts/Getty Images)
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Hey, that sucked. But it was Rangers7 last night, so at least I made some money.

Ian Kinsler tells Richard Durrett at ESPN Dallas that he was tossed for "(saying) something I wasn't supposed to say." Something tells me he wasn't speaking approvingly of The Moynihan Report. David Collier at ESPN Dallas has nice things to say about Martin Perez's start, including pointing out that Perez helped out the team by boosting his trade value. So even if his future lies outside the organization, Martin Perez will still be taking Scott Feldman's starts.

Evan Grant says Roy Oswalt is pretty sure he's going to make his next start, and that Oswalt believes he worked too hard in his last bullpen session trying to refine his command after his poor starts. So, apparently, we have to choose between a Roy Oswalt that sucks and a Roy Oswalt that is broken. Evan also says that Mark Lowe may start a rehab assignment as early as Sunday. And, finally, Evan quotes Washington saying not to be surprised if Ogando moves back to the rotation, while I say don't be surprised if Scott Feldman starts collecting Ogando's hair and fingernail clippings.

T.R. Sullivan says that Adrian Beltre isn't showing signs of concussion. Beltre doesn't believe that Padilla threw at him intentionally, but he got to pitch to Michael Young so perhaps it was accidental brilliance. Sullivan also has the post-game recap, so if you want to relive Joe Nathan failing to retire batters with OBP's of .286 and .283, be my guest.

Jeff Wilson says that Kelly Shoppach thinks Arlington would be a great place to end up next year. I just texted a girl I'm dating to ask if she knew him when she went to Brewer (because I want to do some original reporting), but she didn't respond because it's 3:30 in the morning. So there goes my Pulitzer.

Anthony Andro buries the lede, focusing on Nathan's rare control problems but closing with Michael Young saying "Any one mistake can hurt you. Both teams were making big pitches to get out of jams." Anthony Andro did not add that the Red Sox had the advantage of pitching to Michael Young to get out of jams.