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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

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Lies and witchcraft
Lies and witchcraft

Good morning.

Christian Corona writes about Derek Holland's rehab start last night in Round Rock going well...until the sixth inning.

Drew Davison has a piece on the Rangers over-reliance on the big inning of late with quotes from several members of the team talking about the need for consistency. And yet, the Rangers are still the best team offensively in baseball from pretty much any angle you can look at it.

Gerry Fraley writes that the Rangers have teamed up with the Diamondbacks in asking fans to vote for Aaron Hill in the All-Star Game Final Vote as part of their "I Want You To Vote Yu" campaign. I don't know how the Rangers got stuck with Aaron Hill. Regardless, LSU!

Still, if you vote for Darvish you can win a luxury suite from the Rangers for you, me, and 18 of your favorite Lone Star Ball friends.

The AP has a Rangers lovefest of an article asking if this is the greatest the Texas Rangers have ever been.

Bryan Dolgin writes about Rangers minor league pitching coordinator Danny Clark and the role he has played in developing the influx of young arms the Rangers have seen in the last half-decade.

David "Cut. It. Out." Collier writes about Roy Oswalt being unconcerned about his WHIP as long as the Rangers wins baseball games.

Behind the DMN paywall, Fraley writes that the Rangers are playing the waiting game with Mike Napoli. The waiting game sucks. Let's play Hungry Hungry October Napoli!

Joey Matches has a piece on the bummer that is the Jairo Beras/J2 situation that has the Rangers sitting out the international signing period until MLB makes a ruling on Beras.

Davison has some notes regarding the latest on Dave Barnett, how you can get your own Rangers Snow Monkey if you really, really love chicken, Matt Harrison's 1/6th Cy Young, and other notes.

Lastly, the DMN recaps Nolan Ryan's appearance on Galloway & Company where Ryan talked the trade deadline and Yu Darvish's All-Star chances.