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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

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I'll say
I'll say

That was an inauspicious start to a big series last night. The matchup in last night's game looked like a decent opportunity to get this series off on a positive note with Ervin Santana on the mound for the Angels. And even though the Rangers scored more than five runs for the first time in a week, the Angels scored nine in one inning. Tonight the Rangers face Jered Weaver.

T.R. Sullivan has a the recap of that terrible, terrible game. Roy Oswalt says the long layoff between games for him threw his mechanics out of whack.

In maybe the only good news, Evan Grant writes about how Josh Hamilton had his best day at the plate in a long while.

Richard Durrett has the Rapid Reaction to the Rangers 15-8 loss against the Anaheim Angels.

Grant has some Notes, Quotes and Anecdotes from the game. When asked if he could provide quality innings down the stretch for the Rangers, Grant has Oswalt as saying: "Let's hope so." Yes. Let's.

On the topic, behind the Paywall, Grant writes that Oswalt's outing might have the Rangers reevaluating the rotation. One wonders if it is a little too late to do anything external about it now.

Jeff Wilson has an update on what the Rangers might be up to at tomorrow's trade deadline while also reporting on the acquisition of catcher Geovany Soto.

Joey Matches has a nice piece regarding the trade for Soto. The Ranger fan reaction to the Soto trade seems to be "Not Cliff Lee? Who cares." but there's nothing wrong with attempting to improve an already good roster with small moves. It obviously remains to be seen what Soto will provide--and it may be very little--but I think it's reasonable to say that his floor with the Rangers is as good as what Yorvit Torrealba was already providing. But, yes. I get how that's not terribly exciting. We're talking backup catchers here.

Late last night Bruce Levine indicated that the Rangers were talking to the Cubs about Matt Garza. I'm sure by the time I check in on this the rumor will have already been dispelled, then picked back up upon, then dispelled again, then a deal for Garza will actually be made, then it will be reported on Twitter before anyone knows which team he was traded to, then it will be speculated that it could be to the Rangers, before ultimately it comes out that Garza is headed to Cincinnati.

Sullivan fills his Notebook with information on Neftali Feliz's medicals, some trade deadline hodgepodgery, and lots of other items.

Drew Davison's notes cover Mitch Moreland's return, the uncertainty of Feliz, and this quote from Ron Washington: "Sticks and stones is the only thing that breaks my bones ... boos will never harm me."

Lastly, Matt Mosley has written another article about the Rangers needing to make a trade. Elvis Andrus agrees. He thinks the Rangers should go get Felix Hernandez. Unfortunately, Felix Hernandez would probably cost Elvis Andrus.