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Yorvit Torrealba to the Nationals?

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With the acquisition of Geovany Soto yesterday, the Rangers have designated catcher Yorvit Torrealba for assignment. Word is that the Rangers are going to be talking to the Washington Nationals today about possibly doing a deal to send Torrealba to the Nats.

The Nationals have used Jesus Flores, Wilson Ramos, Jhonatan Solano, Sandy Leon and Carlos Maldonado at catcher this season, and the 644 team OPS from their catchers is 12th in the N.L. Torrealba would be able to provide the Nationals with some depth and stability as a backup.

If the Rangers don't deal Torrealba today, they can still look to make a move with him after the trade deadline, as he's almost certain to clear revocable waivers (if a team put a claim in on him, the Rangers would almost certainly allow the waiver claim to go through and stick that team with Torrealba's remaining salary). Texas would need to eat most of Torrealba's salary in any deal and would get likely get little of value in return.