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Phillies trade Victorino, Pence; Rangers look unlikely to make a big move

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The Philadelphia Phillies have shifted into full sell mode, trading Shane Victorino (a free agent after this season) to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Ethan Martin and and Josh Lindblom, and have are apparently "close" on a deal to trade Hunter Pence (under team control for another season) to the San Francisco Giants for an unknown package.

The Texas Rangers, meanwhile, by all reports, continue to engage in talks and kick some tires, but it doesn't sound like anything major is imminent. Texas apparently talked about Josh Beckett and Cliff Lee at various points, but those discussions appear dead. Texas has long had interest in Josh Johnson, and reportedly talked to the Marlins about him, but reports were that the Marlins wanted a "Mark Teixeira-type package" for Johnson (and for those who are confused, that means multiple really good prospects, not a bunch of random guys in the low minors), and the Rangers were scared off by Johnson's medicals.

Reports on Twitter indicate that the Rangers aren't likely to get anything done for Matt Garza, either. And while there has been talk that the Rangers might get in on a hitter, the only position in the lineup where a hitter who would be on the market would likely represent a significant upgrade is at DH -- and as we've talked about before, Michael Young isn't getting benched.

As they say, this could all change with one phone call, and there could be a big move for Texas between now and 3 p.m. But most likely, if there's a trade, I expect it will be for a reliever or a righthanded bench bat.