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Monday Morning Rangers Update

You will never be in the middle of an Elvis/Ian man sandwich
You will never be in the middle of an Elvis/Ian man sandwich

A year ago, at this point in the season, the Rangers were 63-50 and in the middle of a stretch where they held on to a tenuous one game lead in the A.L. West for six straight days. Now, a year later, the Rangers have the best record in the American League and the largest divisional lead in the sport. July feels like the vague memory of a nightmare at this point.

Christian Corona writes about the Rangers winning a series against a good Detroit Tigers team behind the best start from Yu Darvish in over three weeks.

Richard Durrett serves up the Rapid Reaction to the Rangers 8-3 win over the Detroit Tigers.

Keith Whitmire writes about the Rangers having fun in the summer sun.

Durrett writes about Robbie Ross succeeding at getting back up on the stick horse a day after failing to get Prince Fielder out.

Tim Cowlishaw writes behind the DMN paywall about Darvish's outing being a step in the right direction even though he still walked some folks. Cowlishaw also implies that Darvish might not be in line to start a playoff game but I can't really see that happening until Darvish is just terrible down the stretch.

Durrett has a piece on the Rangers winning baseball games and playing like the Texas Rangers again after a tough middle of the season. "Tough" being relative to expectations of pure awesome dominance, of course. We're not talking tough in the way that they still make the Houston Astros play 162 games.

Drew Davison spotlights how cool it is for some Rangers to get to play in Yankee Stadium. Mike Olt grew up a Yankees fan. I could see how this would indeed be cool for him.

Corona's Notebook tackles Ryan Dempster feeling more comfortable as a Ranger, likewise Geovany Soto, and various injury/attendance updates.

John Henry has notes on Ross's rebound, Olt's playing time, Dempster making his Yankee Stadium debut tonight, and a positive update on Koji Uehara.

Lastly, the DMN features some of the Rangers top prospects and how they fared this past week. It's amazing to me how many of these guys have been Rangers this season.