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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

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The only fun had
The only fun had

I imagine Ryan Dempster is still at his locker answering questions about transitioning to the American League from the National League right now.

T.R. Sullivan's game story focuses on Dempster getting slapped around last night.

Some dude from New York named Mike Mazzeo has the Rapid Reaction to the Rangers 8-2 loss against the New York Yankees.

Drew Davison offers a wrap up to the game. Dempster answered all the Game Day Thread favorites:

...dismissed any notion that there could be an adjustment period going from the National League to the American League. He also said his outing had nothing to do with a jet stream similar to Rangers Ballpark at Yankee Stadium, where the ball flies out to right-center. Finally, Dempster echoed the same line when asked if there was more pressure now that he's in a pennant race.

No word on if someone asked him if he struggled because he's got Roy Oswalt standing there when he looks over his shoulder.

He has been called Juricksoon but perhaps he is Pronear? A report up on the Fox Sports Southwest site has a quote from Jon Daniels saying Jurickson Profar is in the mix to be called up when the Rangers go back to a four man bench. I don't know how I feel about Profar chilling on the bench for a couple of months but I'm enjoying Jim Bowden stealing our Barry Larkin comp in this article.

Evan Grant has a blog post where Ron Washington credits the Anaheim Angels for reviving the Rangers after they were feared dead in July. Thanks, Angels!

Sullivan's Notebook covers American League managers ranking Elvis Andrus as the best defensive shortstop in the league (well, yeah), Profar possibly soon to be the second best shortstop in the league, Michael Young's history of success in New York, and various other notes.

Davison's notes cover the potentially arrival of Profar, Andrus making strides at the plate this season, Matt Harrison's road success, and Luis Martinez getting a start tonight, among other items.

Lastly, Fraley was on SportsDay On Air to call Alex Rodriguez a "despicable human being" but then question why A-Rod was left off the 40th Anniversary team.