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Wednesday A.M. Links

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ANAHEIM, CA - DECEMBER 10:  CJ Wilson Mazda, where you can buy Juan Dominguez's 92 Ford Festiva.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
ANAHEIM, CA - DECEMBER 10: CJ Wilson Mazda, where you can buy Juan Dominguez's 92 Ford Festiva. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
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I don't know if Adam has mentioned it on LSB, but he's in New Orleans today trying out for Jeopardy. Since he's actually a couple of AMD processors wrapped in khaki shorts and wearing topsiders with no socks, I'm sure he'll do fine.

Anthony Andro tells us that CJ Wilson bought a car dealership in the Chicago area that sponsors the White Sox post game show. C.J. Wilson Mazda in Chicago seems like an... interesting branding choice, but best of luck to Ceej.

The FWST blog has notes, saying that Mike Napoli has been hurting all year, Koji Uehara is on schedule to return on August 26, and that Ron Washington is being inducted into the Arizona Fall League Hall of Fame. I totally did not know that was a thing, so I turned to my trusty friend Google and did not find a website for the Arizona Fall League Hall of Fame on the first page of results. According to Wikipedia, to be considered by the selection committee a former AFL player has to be recognized by MLB as an MVP, Rookie of the Year, All Star, Gold Glover, or Silver Slugger. Ron Washington is none of those things, so maybe a Arizona Fall League Hall of Fame induction is sort of like a British knighthood. I spent about twenty minutes trying to find the Arizona Fall League Hall of Fame on Google maps, because I had become strangely convinced that it would share a strip center with a Dollar General and an Ace Cash Express. Alas, I think that it is only a "Hall" in the metaphorical sense.

T.R. Sullivan has some notes, and lets us know that Koji Uehara will be pitching in Frisco on a rehab assignment soon, Napoli won't be rushed off the DL, and that Luis Martinez wants to do everything he can to help the Rangers get to the World Series so he can get a ring. Sullivan's recap walks us through Washington's decision-making process on bringing in Ogando to face Swisher, who has a .236 ISO as a lefty this season and .120 as a righty, a power differential that is greater than but consistent with his career numbers. Anyway, Wash says he wanted to "bring the velocity to Swisher," in which case Ogando's your man, and "mix up his pitches," in which case Ogando's not. All I can say is that you can't fault a screwdriver for being a lousy hammer.

Behind the paywall at the DMN, Kevin Sherrington says that Matt Harrison is our most mentally tough pitcher, by default. One of my first impressions of Harrison was of him crying on the mound, so Sherrington might be damning the staff with faint praise. Or maybe not, because, you know, paywall. Evan Grant quotes Ron Washington saying that Michael Young is "going to do something grand for us" before the end of the year, and apparently doesn't mean "freeing up a 25 man roster spot by taking a 'special assistant to the GM position.'" Ron says, referring to Young, that "if the ship sinks, I'll still be on it."

Mike Mazzeo at ESPN New York has his rapid reactions to the game, which are all pretty bleak except for Harrison. Mazzeo also has some quotes from Harrison which indicate some irritation at being pulled from the game.

That's all I got. Yesterday was the 71st anniversary of the death of a guy named Maximilian Kolbe, who was a pretty awesome chap.