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Those socks were four years in the making
Those socks were four years in the making

On this date in LSB history, four years ago, Adam posted about a young left-handed Kentuckian named Robbie Ross signing with the Texas Rangers.

Ross was a second round draft pick of these Rangers which meant immediately that he was destined to be terrible. But Robbie Ross proved to be a man who makes his own destiny. After much consternation in the off-season Community Prospect Rankings, where the Robbie Ross wars were waged, Ross surprised even the most ardent Ross supporter and won a spot in the bullpen in Spring Training. Ross has been either awesome to fairly awesome, with only a few outings of less than awesome, ever since. Also, he's pretty adorable and more than willing to hang out at Whataburger at the behest of the team.

Bonus round: Six years ago Kip Wells was DL'd and Scott Feldman was brought up. Adam figured this move was temporary as the Rangers had Robinson Tejeda, John Koronka, or John Rheinecker ready and able to pitch for them. Today Scott Feldman will start against the New York Yankees for the first place Texas Rangers.