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Thursday Morning Links

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August 15, 2012; Bronx, NY, USA; "Chili with beans?  What the f@ck is the matter with you?". Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-US PRESSWIRE
August 15, 2012; Bronx, NY, USA; "Chili with beans? What the f@ck is the matter with you?". Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-US PRESSWIRE

Well, apparently God is no longer mad at Josh Hamilton but he's angry as hell at the rest of our lineup.

Washington said yesterday that Michael Young wasn't sitting because of his performance. Even though "You can’t play this game where a year don’t come where things don’t go right" sure sounds like "Michael Young is having a horrible year," Young isn't ready to call it a poor season, noting "The year is not over yet." So, yes, he still has time to go from one of the five worst everyday players in the league to one of the ten worst.

T.R. Sullivan also talks about Young having a day off in his notes column, as well as mentioning Joey Gallo being promoted to Spokane, the Rangers keeping the 8 man bullpen through the weekend, and Beltre "battling" to get out of his slump. Instead of thinking about Beltre, let's think about Joey Gallo, shall we?

Evan Grant says that Josh Hamilton is hitting much better when playing center field this season than when DH'ing or playing a corner although "prior to this season, there was no reason to think there was any connection" between Josh's offense and his outfield position (probably because there wasn't and isn't a connection). The DMN also has a little post about MLB's Caught Looking, the premiere episode of which will feature the Rangers' 2-1 win over the Tigers from August 11.

Kevin Sherrington had a chat session at the DMN, where he talked about why he thinks the Rangers are going back to the World Series and how the Astros' sucking makes baby Jesus cry. Sherrington also has an article behind the paywall that apparently argues for resigning Josh Hamilton this offseason, probably replete with analysis on why breaking the bank for a player that will likely age poorly makes sense, but since I can't see it I'll just assume the argument is essentially "blah blah blah transcendent blah physical gifts blah blah fan relations blah blah blah Cotton Mather blah Hitters in the Hands of an Angry God." Evan Grant had a chat where he talked about why Elvis Andrus is likely to sign somewhere other than Texas.

Ian Begley at ESPN NY talks about Josh Hamilton, which is just about the only offensive bright spot you can take from last night's game, and Ian Kinsler getting ejected for arguing "Linux or Windows" with the home plate ump. Keep it up, Ian, I'm sure you'll convince them someday.

If you're reading this at work, here's an article you should send to your HR rep and management team.