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Sunday morning Rangers things

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Drew Davison's game story leads off with quotes from Michael Kirkman, who came up big yesterday as part of an effort from the bullpen that saw them throw 4.1 shutout innings in relief of Roy Oswalt.

The game story from the Rangers' website highlights the efforts of Nelson Cruz, whose 2 run home run produced all the Rangers' runs, and the bullpen. It also has these quotes from Oswalt after the game:

"That's his decision," Oswalt said. "He's the manager, I just pitch."

* * *

"I've started 330 games in the big leagues, I don't think I need to prove myself," he said.

Richard Durrett has his "Rapid Reaction" at the ESPN Dallas blog.

Behind the paywall, Evan Grant has a story about Ron Washington's reliance on the bullpen.

The Rangers' website notes talk about Luis Martinez getting a start, Elvis Andrus getting a day off, and Ryan Dempster starting against Baltimore on Monday.

The S-T's notes hit on Dempster and Andrus, as well as talking about Oswalt's outing and his desire to start.

And Randy Galloway has a column on Victor Conte's recent claim that up to half of the players in MLB are using synthetic testosterone, and says he doesn't think anyone on the Rangers is cheating.