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Wednesday A.M. Links

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ARLINGTON, TX - AUGUST 21: Geovany Soto  (Photo by Rick Yeatts/Getty Images)
ARLINGTON, TX - AUGUST 21: Geovany Soto (Photo by Rick Yeatts/Getty Images)
Getty Images

I refuse to be upset about last night's loss because it's just an intra-squad friendly.

Something which might be upsetting, though, is that Yu Darvish could miss his start on Thursday due to a tight quad. ESPN Dallas also has a clip from the Galloway show where Dempster says he's "just trying to fit in," has comments on not having an automatic out once every time through the lineup, and pitching for a good team. There's also a video clip at that link of Dempster and Derek Holland doing Harray Caray impersonations while wearing Andy Warhol wigs, if you're into cosplay and have not seen Dempster and/or Derek Holland doing this same thing fifty times before. Funny how sometimes my reaction to ballplayers being colorful is "man I wish these guys would stick to their cliches." Richard Durrett has his rapid reactions to the game, noting that Rangers' catchers were 12-for-91 throwing out runners coming into last night. Durrett also has some notes from Monday's game, including Gary Pettis working with Mike Olt in the outfield and Washington apparently saying that when he said Joe Nathan would only pitch in save situations he didn't mean it.

In an apparent attempt to lower the overall LSB approval rate of the Dempster trade, Buck Showalter told the DMN that it was a "great acquisition" and then SWAT'ed Grady Fuson. The DMN also has a post wherein Ron Washington tells us that Soto is a "gamer" who is "energized" by joining a new club, noting that he's hitting .229 with the Rangers and hit .197 with the Cubs. It's great that he's over the Mendoza line and all, but his OPS dropped 30 points so... yay? The DMN's post about Darvish's leg is a little more ominous than ESPN's, saying "Darvish goes silent, avoids questions on leg," which sounds more Gary Condit-ish than "went to see trainer after bullpen session and didn't talk to the media." Behind the paywall, Evan Grant says that the 5th spot in the rotation should be a Roy Oswalt / Scott Feldman tandem, which I'm sure would make both of them very happy.

Apparently, when other teams were looking at Jairo Beiras, Jon Daniels told them "this is not the 16 year old you're looking for." I would think that Boba Fett's Mandalorian armor would have gone better with the Rangers road greys. Also at the Rangers' site, T.R. Sullivan has a notes column, saying that Washington was wow'ed by Andrus' play Monday night, Murphy settling into an everyday role with trademark grit and hustle, and Washington on using Nathan in a non-save situation: "That's one run removed from a save." I guess we'll see what Washington does when it's one run removed from one run removed from a save, and if the infinite regress problem turns his poor brain into a pretzel.

Jeff Wilson has a notes column at the FWST, wherein we learn that Derek Holland feels that "he is one pitch away from turning the corner for good." No word on if the "one pitch" is one he learned by watching a Looney Tunes cartoon.

Finally, here's a twilight approach and landing at LAX, kind of neat.