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Game Connect at Fox Sports Southwest

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As you folks probably know, Fittz and I were part of the Rangers' blogging contingent invited to partake in Monday night's game in the Fox Sports Southwest suite. We were invited to come out and check out the new Game Connect platform that Fox Sports Southwest has implemented at their site, an interactive platform that includes a lot of real time stats and information about the game as it is going on.

If you watched the game, you saw Jim Knox talk to the Fox Sports Southwest tech folks about what is involved, and there's a whole bunch of stuff to play with there, such as sending questions to the booth and incorporating Twitter and other social media inputs into a feed, as well as real-time stats, ongoing pitch counts, matchup information, and the like.

I am very appreciative to the FSSW folks for having us out and showing us the various bells and whistles with the platform, and I'd encourage you to check out Game Connect, as well, either by going to the FSSW website and clicking on Game Connect, or going directly there via this link. Take a look tonight, and let me know in the game day thread what y'all think of it.