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Friday morning Rangers things

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That was some series, huh?

After all the drama, all the uproar, all the shoddy performances by Rangers pitchers the last four days, Texas ends up splitting the 4 game set against the Angels, and are up 5 games on Anaheim while being up 6 in the loss column. Texas is also tied with the Yankees for the best record in the A.L.

Jeff Wilson writes that the Rangers bailed out Ryan Dempster with one of their best performances in weeks.

Anthony Andro's game story talks about the Rangers offense coming back to life in August.

Christian Corona says in his game story that the Ranger offense picked up where it left off on Wednesday.

Gerry Fraley has his observations at the DMN Rangers blog.

Richard Durrett has his Rapid Reaction at the ESPN Dallas blog.

Josh Hamilton says he's not ready to divulge what his "mystery issue" is that he says is to blame for his recent slump, although Randy Galloway apparently said yesterday on his radio show that Hamilton thinks God is punishing him for dipping again, after trying to stop.

Drew Davison has a story about Mike Olt joining the Rangers, which includes this quote from Robbie Ross:

"He is ... legit," Ross said. "He's just going to be perfect for our team. He's always out there playing hard-core and trying to get after it. Why wouldn't you want a guy like that? It's pretty sweet."

Read more here:

Andro has a story about the Rangers' plan for using Olt, now that he is up.

The S-T's notes talk about one inning triggering the Rangers' turnaround on Wednesday, what Yu Darvish is thinking, and Mike Adams' health.

The Rangers' website notes talk about Mike Olt's first hit, the workload for the Rangers' bullpen, the Rangers hoping to build off Wednesday's exciting win, and Yu Darvish trying to clear his mind.

Randy Galloway writes that Ryan Dempster flunked his initial "pitching in the American League test," but says the Rangers need him -- and Roy Oswalt -- in the rotation.

Lyle Spencer has a column about the Rangers' heart.