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Thursday Morning off-day links

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ARLINGTON, TX - AUGUST 29: Yeah, he looks safe, I guess. (Photo by Layne Murdoch/Getty Images)
ARLINGTON, TX - AUGUST 29: Yeah, he looks safe, I guess. (Photo by Layne Murdoch/Getty Images)
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Don't look now, but that rag-tag team of lovable misfits in Oakland gained half a game over a stretch where the Rangers went 7-3. That's right, the Rangers are the bad guys in a plucky underdog movie.

According to Anthony Andro the Rangers are surprisingly upbeat after Tampa Bay's cavalcade of homers, with Ian Kinsler saying "We just want to continue to play good baseball," probably adding "and the good Lord willing, things will work out."

The headline writer at the Star-Telegram wasn't nearly as sanguine, titling Jeff Wilson's post game piece "Harrison's Totally Off Night Costs Rangers a Sweep." Harrison wasn't as sanguine, either, saying "I sucked tonight" because Matt Harrison is the bizzarro C.J. Wilson. Drew Davison has a notes post saying Mike Adams has been in the zone since the All Star break and that Mike Napoli did not run the bases today but did run on the treadmill and in the pool with my Granny at water aerobics.

Over at the Rangers' site, Mike Bauman talks about how awesome the Rangers' pitching staff has been this season despite injuries, an outbreak of the Black Death, and Roy Oswalt. Louie Horvath has a notes column discussing Mitch Moreland's improved defense and the Rangers sending eight players to the Arizona Fall League. Also, here's a clip of Emily Jones attempting to control Nelson Cruz the same way middle-aged shut-ins discipline their cats.

Evan Grant points us to the Rangers' wives' charity auction, and though there is nothing as awesome as Adriana Lima's dress, there's still some neat stuff.

Richard Durrett over at ESPNDallas has his rapid reactions to the game, noting, among other things, that Evan Longoria is 7-13 lifetime against Harrison. Durrett also says the Rangers finished the homestand in good shape, two games up on the Yanks for the best record in the AL and four and a half up on Oakland in the West.