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Friday morning Rangers stuff

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Its the last day of August, the Rangers didn't play last night, and football season is about to start. Thus, there's not a lot of Rangers stuff out there this morning.

Drew Davison has a story about Geovany Soto, and how he was a change of scenery candidate the Rangers targeted who seems to have benefited from the change of scenery.

Richard Durrett has his stock watch list, with Mike Napoli being among those in the "down" category, as his injured quad has him still unable to go out on a rehab assignment.

Gerry Fraley says the Rangers will add Brandon Snyder and Yoshinori Tateyama to the roster tomorrow when the roster is eligible to expand, and a middle infielder will also be added, with Fraley saying that Jurickson Profar is the leading candidate there.

Behind the paywall, Fraley offers suggestions of players who could improve the Rangers' bench in the postseason. Because it is behind the paywall, I have no idea who his suggestions are.

Evan Grant says Elvis Andrus will be the team's "surprise departure" this offseason, and suggests that an Elvis/Jacoby Ellsbury deal (with the Rangers getting more back in addition to Ellsbury) might make sense. If the Rangers go out and get a centerfielder this offseason, it may be time to start asking if the Rangers whiffed on the Leonys Martin signing.

The Rangers' bullpen has been used very little in the second half of the season, and is poised to be fresher in the postseason than the 2011 pen was.

Randy Galloway has a column about Josh Hamilton and Dez Bryant, comparing the two, and indicating folks have been suggesting that the coverage/criticism of Dez Bryant is unfair because Hamilton isn't treated the same way Bryant is.