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This Day in LSB History

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Two years ago today was one of the biggest days in LSB history, and in Rangers' history.

Two years ago today was The Auction. It was when one group, with Nolan Ryan and Chuck Greenberg out front and with Ray Davis and Bob Simpson as the money men, faced off against the Jim Crane/Mark Cuban pairing.

Most of us here on LSB were rooting for the Greenberg/Ryan group to prevail, but I also think there was a sense as the day went on that Crane/Cuban were most likely to prevail.

The Rangers were playing in Seattle that night, and LSB was kept busy following the game and following the bidding, which stretched past midnight and into the early morning hours of August 5.

I have to admit that I didn't stay awake for all that. I fell asleep before midnight, fearing that I'd wake up the next morning to discover that Cuban and Crane had won, and steeling myself for the possible upheaval within the front office, the likely fight with MLB over them being approved.

Only to discover that the Greenberg/Ryan group had come out on top.

That was a crazy day, and a crazy time to be a Rangers fan, with what appeared to be the best team in club history running away with the division, while being cash-strapped, having to be creative to add salary in deals for Cliff Lee and Bengie Molina, having the ownership fight take place in a federal courtroom in Fort Worth. But it was all worth it. We got rid of Tom Hicks, we brought in ownership committed to spending money smartly and committed to maintaining a great organization, and we now have one of the best franchises in the game to root for.

Following the auction was one of the most memorable things of that incredible 2010 season, and it is amazing to me that it was just two years ago today.