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Sunday a.m. Rangers stuff

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Going for the sweep today...

Drew Davison's focus in his game story is on Scott Feldman, who had another terrific start yesterday.

T.R. Sullivan writes in his game story that Feldman is no longer a spot starter -- he's a regular member of the starting rotation.

Richard Durrett has his Rapid Reaction to yesterday's game.

Evan Grant writes that Joe Nathan wasn't available yesterday as he's dealing with a "dead arm." Behind the paywall, Grant has a story on Scott Feldman.

Davison has a story on 48th round draft pick C.J. Edwards, who has turned some heads.

Davison's notes talk about the Rangers' success in save situations when Joe Nathan isn't available, Derek Holland's recent tendency to give up home runs, and Roy Oswalt's move to the rotation. Oswalt's quotes suggest he's not real happy about it:

"I'm a starter," said Oswalt, who agreed to terms with the Rangers on a $4 million deal on May 21 that could reach $5 million based on incentives.

"I'm not really a bullpen guy."

* * *

Does Oswalt believe the six starts were enough of a sample size to be judged?

"Well, I mean we're 4-2 in the games I started. I guess I should've been 6-0," Oswalt said. "Two bad ones and won four of them so... I don't know. We'll see how it goes."

Was he OK with the decision?

"It wasn't my decision," he said. "I'm down there to throw when they need me, I guess.... I don't know how long it's going to last."

So, yeah...

Sullivan's notes talk about the Rangers relievers hitting 100 on the Kansas City gun, David Murphy starting, Joe Nathan sitting, and the catching rotation.