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Monday Morning Rangers Update

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In a world without bunts, only the dead may make sacrifices
In a world without bunts, only the dead may make sacrifices

The Rangers had fewer wins yesterday than humanity had contact with Mars.

T.R. Sullivan has a game story on how the Rangers let one get away from them in every way that this could possibly mean.

Bryan Dolgin writes the Rapid Reaction for the Rangers 7-6 10 inning loss to the Kansas City Royals.

Drew Davison has a bunch of notes from the game. Most of them are about the many opportunities the Rangers had to win the game but didn't take advantage of. There's also this quote from Ron Washington on why Roy Oswalt wasn't on the mound for the 9th inning after two excellent innings:

"He said he couldn't go any further," Washington said. "He said he had enough."

Sullivan has an update on Elvis Andrus' condition after he left the game yesterday with a sore shoulder. Elvis says he's alright and expects to play tonight in Boston. Exhale.

Joey Matches writes a piece on the Oswalt-to-bullpen standoff. Therein you can see quotes from Oswalt where he argues that the Rangers won four of his six starts and that he is unsure just how long his stint in the bullpen will last.

Evan Grant has written a blog piece where he runs down all sides of the Oswalt situation and has this quote from Jon Daniels:

"Right now we're happy with the way things are set up but we understand his point of view."

So, Roy Oswalt is like an old Scott Feldman.

Sullivan's Notebook covers Washington's take on the team's recent baserunning mistakes, Feldman's rise to young-Oswalt, and various injury updates.

Davison's notes tackle more on Oswalt's impending mutiny, Washington's suggestion to Yu Darvish for problems with over-thinking: "...stop thinking so much." Also, updates on Mark Lowe and Koji Uehara. Remember when Koji was a Ranger? I barely do.

Lastly, the DMN updates us on the weeks enjoyed by some of the Rangers top prospects. Not included is Joey Gallo. Gallo hit his 16th Arizona League home run last night. That tied him for the league season record in dongs.