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2012 MLB Postseason Schedule, with a poll

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MLB has released their postseason schedule for this year. Hooray!

Friday, October 5, will feature the two Wild Card games. The Division Series begin on Saturday, October 6, with the pair of series that involve the two division champs starting then. Sunday, October 7, all four series will be going on.

If there is a tiebreaker game needed, that will take place on October 4.

The ALCS will start Saturday, October 13, and the NLCS will start on Sunday, October 14. Game 1 of the World Series will be on October 24.

MLB notes in their story that there is no longer a rule in place that prevents teams in the same division from meeting in the Division Series, so if the Rangers have the best record in the A.L. and the Angels win the Wild Card, the Angels and Rangers would face off in the ALDS.

Which leads to this question...let's assume, for the sake of discussion, that the Chicago White Sox hold on in the A.L. Central and win that division, with a record worse than both the A.L. East champions and the Rangers, and the Tigers and Angels are the teams playing in the one game Wild Card Game.

Would you prefer to see the Rangers end up with the best record in the A.L., and play the Angels/Tigers winner, or have the second best record and play the ChiSox?

Cast your vote...