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Monday Morning Rangers Update

Yoshi returning from being trapped in that egg
Yoshi returning from being trapped in that egg

There's nothing really to say about yesterday's game. At the very least, the Rangers had a successful 6-4 final long road trip of the season.

Greg Zeck writes the game recap. The CliffNotes: Roy Oswalt was bad/hurt, James Shields was allowed to pitch against the Rangers, and B.J. Upton had more home runs than the Rangers had hits.

Richard Durrett provides the Rapid Reaction to the Rangers 6-0 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays.

Evan Grant writes behind the DMN paywall that even with a sluggish getaway day loss, the Rangers accomplished what they needed to on the road.

Jeff Wilson writes an account of the game presumably with the express written consent of Major League Baseball. Ron Washington said, "Shields had a tremendous changeup." If anything, this weekend series with Tampa showed the Rangers are often vulnerable against the changeup.

Grant writes about Oswalt's "right flexor muscle soreness near his elbow" that he says he experienced in the first inning of yesterday's game. Grant writes that Oswalt feels he'll be fine in a couple of days but that Martin Perez might have Oswalt's role in the bullpen by then.

A post on ESPN Dallas links to a Buster Olney Insider article where Olney handicaps the likelihood of several current players making the Hall of Fame. One of those players is Adrian Beltre. Here's an excerpt of what Olney writes about Beltre's chances:

Baseball Reference puts him in the neighborhood of Don Mattingly, so I don't think he'd get in today. But eventually, he'll be a slam-dunk candidate.

Grant has a blog post up about Ian Kinsler's current struggles, and season-long struggles on the road, after a rather disastrous series in Tampa.

Zeck's Notebook cover's Profar's immediate impact, Josh Hamilton's revived mental strength leading to recent success, and the note that Miguel De Los Santos was claimed by Milwaukee.

Finally, Wilson's notes cover Hamilton's limitless power potential and an update on lefties Matt Harrison and Robbie Ross.