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Wednesday Morning Links


So, Joe Nathan lost a bet to Mike Adams and had to wear a Tony Romo jersey while shagging balls in the outfield during batting practice and a short autograph session with the fans. Joe Nathan bet Mike Adams that Jerry Jones did not consume Al Davis' soul Highlander-style. The joke's on Joe Nathan! And also humanity! Thankfully this bet payoff didn't have the disastrous in-game results of Emily Jones' bet with Mike Napoli, probably because the primary risk was Nathan mistakenly becoming the subject of a man-hating country song.

Remember how Adam was asking about roster usage and days off? Remember when Dan Cahill joked on Twitter that our playoff roster will likely have 16 pitchers on it? Well, according to Drew Davison at the FWST, Wash doesn't plan to give any of the regulars a fully day off the rest of the season. Also, Robbie Ross could be activated by the end of the week, at which point he can be expected to log every Rangers relief inning from now until Armageddon. Davison's post game wrap-up notes that Mike Napoli was 0-2 with a HBP in his rehab start in Frisco and that last night marks the first time instant replay has changed a non-homer to a homer for a Rangers hitter.

T.R. Sullivan has a notes column, where we learn that the only thing that can get Leonys Martin into the starting lineup is a starter not named Michael Young being mired in a lengthy slump. T.R. Sullivan also has a game recap, with David Murphy describing the Indians as John McClane and/or Jack Cates: "They're a scrappy team and they have nothing to lose." I also hear they're loose cannons with chips on their shoulders.

At the DMN there's a brief story about A.J. Preller telling Mike Maddux to "keep his hands off" Jurickson Profar vis a vis his potential development as a pitcher when he was originally signed. The story also has a "10 Things You Didn't Know About Jurickson Profar" slideshow, which should be subtitled "... if you have basically never heard of Jurickson Profar." Grant has a story behind the paywall about the state of the Rangers' likely playoff rotation. You'll be glad to hear that Roy Oswalt doesn't think his elbow soreness will end his season (dammit), and that the pitcher that has to have Ron Washington come out and settle him down whenever he sees something shiny thinks Jurickson Profar is special.

Tanner Scheppers says that he's not thinking about the 25 man playoff roster. Why? Because he's been in a knife fight, held a dying man in his arms, and won a court case against the odds. I'm talking about perspective, people. Durrett also has his rapid reactions, noting that Andrus has a 30 game hit streak against the Indians and that Oswalt won't pitch for the next two days and will then be re-evaluated (spoiler alert: he'll still suck).

It's a Wednesday, which is the most depressing day of the week. You should cheer up though, because the chances against you existing as the genetic vessel that is you are 1 in 10^2,685,000. Contra Tyler Durden, you ARE a beautiful and unique snowflake. However, his commentary on the empty nature of consumer culture is still valid.