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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

You can't disappoint a picture
You can't disappoint a picture

I'm pretty excited that Colby Lewis is sticking around.

Richard Durrett writes about the Rangers signing Lewis to a one-year extension that looks like a decent idea for both parties.

Drew Davison has a blog post up with a video of Thad Levine and Lewis discussing the new deal and Levine singing Lewis' praises.

With the day off, all of the baseball writers in the area have filed their "How The West Will Be Won" articles.

In fact, Anthony Andro has an article titled "Rangers know how the West will be won" about how the West will be won.

Davison has a piece on the Rangers having 16 games left, all against division opponents, with the mindset of the club focused on winning the American League West division.

Durrett writes that the Rangers have been here before and are looking to win their third straight division title while holding a hard-charging Oakland team at bay.

And yet, as Gerry Fraley writes behind the DMN paywall, the Rangers would be wise to avoid looking toward their final seven games against the A's because they still have the Angels to concern themselves with beginning tonight.'s Lyle Spencer writes about the American League West being the best division in baseball this season.

Davison looks back on the week the Rangers had against the Indians and Mariners and a look toward the week ahead against Anaheim and Seattle.

Durrett informs you on how you can register to win the opportunity to purchase World Series tickets. I registered and await my "Sorry, but your entry wasn't not selected" email.

T.R. Sullivan writes about Elvis Andrus being a nice fella and opening a baseball academy for kids in Venezuela.

Lastly, Susan Schrock of the Star-Telegram writes that the Rangers are planning for more renovations at the Ballpark this offseason. This time, after installing the video board two winters ago and renovating the center field area last winter, the Rangers are planning to add additional seats behind home plate.