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Friday a.m. Rangers stuff


And that's two of three from Anaheim, and the Rangers have a four game lead with fourteen games to go. Oakland goes to New York this weekend while the Rangers go to Seattle, then there's the four game series against the A's at home. If the Rangers can simply keep this four game lead over that stretch, the division race is pretty much over.

Jeff Wilson's game story has quotes from folks about the awesomeness of Adrian Beltre, although Beltre says his home run wasn't special, because "I'm supposed to be doing something like that."

At the Rangers' website, Lyle Spencer's game story talks about Adrian Beltre talking his way into the lineup yesterday then hitting the game-winning home run in the 9th.

Blair Angulo has his "Rapid Reaction" at ESPN Dallas.

Evan Grant has a story about Adrian Beltre and "MVP".

Beltre's homer overshadowed a great outing from Yu Darvish, who allowed just one run in eight innings while striking out eight nine, but Darvish said he was "lucky" yesterday and that his command was not as good as he would like.

Wilson has a story about Beltre's intestinal problems, which are causing him pain but which didn't keep him from the lineup yesterday, and Josh Hamilton's sinus/vision problems, which have him out of the lineup and likely missing this weekend's series in Seattle.

The Rangers' website notes talk about Josh Hamilton going back to Texas for tests, Adrian Beltre being in pain but getting back in the lineup, and Michael Young praising Elvis Andrus.