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Thoughts on a 6-3 loss


Royals 6, Rangers 3

  • Matt Harrison pitched well. And then he didn't. Harrison made it through four innings having allowed just four hits, and while he gave up a pair of runs in the third, they were both unearned, the product of an Ian Kinsler error. Then, in the fifth inning, all of the sudden, he lost it. Flyout, single, fielders choice, home run, single, double, and Harrison was done, with Roy Oswalt replacing him. Harrison has had a great year. He struggled today. It happens.
  • Roy Oswalt faced 8 batters. He struck out four. He allowed just one baserunner. But it was kind of a big deal, a homer to Johnny Giovatella. Mark Lowe pitched a scoreless 9th, though, and his ERA is now down to 2.13 on the season.
  • The Yankees lost. Baltimore won. The Yankees and the Orioles are now tied for the A.L. East lead. The Rangers are up four games on both of them.

  • This was a game that could be described, if one were inclined to be generous, as a mixed bag for Ian Kinsler. He was one for three with a double and a walk. However, after his double, after he was sacrificed to third base, he got picked off third by Salvador Perez. In addition, he had a critical error that led to the first two Royals runs coming across.
  • Elvis Andrus had a homer tonight. Yay Elvis!
  • David Murphy and Nelson Cruz both pulled an 0 for 4. Alas.