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Thursday afternoon linkaliciousness


Some linkies for your reading pleasure...

Joey Matches has a piece on the cost of not winning it all, talking about the foolishness of taking the mindset that anything short of a championship constitutes failure...

Jered Weaver has been diagnosed with shoulder tendinitis and may miss his next start, but the issue isn't considered serious...

Jon Bois has a post about Johnny Damon trying to throw out Curtis Granderson that...well, there's no way to explain it. Click on the link, and you'll probably think it is dumb or you'll think its brilliant.

Hardball Talk is reviewing the top 111 free agents for this offseason. 81-111 is here, and 51-80 is here.

There is a new edition of "Sports Cards For Insane People" that features cyborg basketball and football players doing cyborgy things.

James Gentile at BTB asks, "Do pitchers induce more ground balls in double play situations?"

Jon Paul Morosi writes that Bud Selig needs to step in and do something to prevent Melky Cabrera from winning the batting title, since he was suspended for PED use. Given that the batting title isn't an award, but is rather a statistical calculation, I'm not sure how Selig can do that, unless he wants to go into the record books and change some of Cabrera's hits to outs, which wouldn't make much sense, either.

Jon Heyman details a litany of problems with the "collapsing" Yankees, who are currently just one game ahead of Baltimore in the A.L. East.