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Thursday Morning Links

I hate Hall of Fame talk.

Ethan Miller

I hate the Hall of Fame. I hate Halls of Fame in the generic sense, I hate the Hall of Fame in the specific sense, I hate writers justifying their votes, and I hate things that are voted on by associations or committees. When I think of the product of committees, I think of proms, stupid employee incentive programs that don't incentivize anything, and terrible movies and television programs (think, for example, of any Star Trek episode with more than two writing credits).

I hate the words "Hall of Very Good," I hate stupid circular arguments about subjective qualities and semantics that are hashed out every year as if the Hall of Fame were anything more significant than a World's Greatest Dad mug for power hitters. I hate steroid talk, and I hate some forms of cheating being considered more gentlemanly than others. I hate that for some reason some "Best of" lists are considered canonical.

I am reminded of an incident some years ago at a place I once worked. There was a national managers meeting in Las Vegas, and when our managers returned to mingle with the lumpenproles in the hinterlands we were told that they had voted on and approved a new slogan to symbolize synergies and the power of interconnected departments: "1+1=3." They gave us pins that said that, so we could wear them on our shirts.

"Hold on," I said, "that is eerily close to 2+2=5, which was used by Stalinist Russia in reference to the ongoing fantasy that was their five year plans. A similar formulation was attributed to Hermann Goring. Heck, similar slogans have been used as shorthand or metaphors for totalitarianism in works as diverse as Orwell's 1984, Faith No More's Cult of Personality, and the quite good Star Trek TNG episode 'Chain of Command.' Not to mention, it makes us, as an organization, seem to have a pretty flimsy grasp of basic arithmetic."

"Shut up," they explained, "it's just a slogan and it doesn't matter. Put the pin on your shirt."

Most of the time I can tell myself, "it's just the Hall of Fame and it doesn't matter." But this morning, I have to do links. And you know what? Staring at tab upon Google Chrome tab of Hall of Fame talk links, I'm pretty sure that the Hall of Fame is fascist.

That being said, here's Randy Galloway, one of the noble elder statesmen of the BBWAA, explaining his Hall of Fame votes.

Drew Davison has some quotes from Rafael Palmiero about his Kucinich-esque performance in the Hall of Fame voting, with Palmiero saying that he is honored to be on the ballot for one more year.

Here's Tim Cowlishaw explaining his Hall of Fame votes, and here are the votes from the rest of the DMN crew.

David Murphy says that watching the best of the best in baseball's best offensive era was great and all, but screw those guys, screw them right in the ear.

And hopefully that's the last I'll ever have to think about the Hall of Fame until the next Hall of Fame announcement that happens to land on a Wednesday or Thursday.

David Murphy, whose performance is enhanced only by heart and hustle, is ready to be the Rangers' every day left fielder in 2013.

Gerry Fraley tells us that the Rangers had been looking at middle infielder Kensuke Tanaka as a utility option, but that the Giants are a more likely destination for the former Nippon Ham Fighter.

Elvis Andrus got tossed from last night's Venezuelan winter league playoff game for arguing after getting caught stealing.

Richard Durett kicks the tires on Michael Morse and declares him a reasonable target at the right price, examines our outlook at third base, and also talks about the tour of the stadium renovations. If you're into organizational heads talking a lot without saying anything, Durrett also has a summary of Jon Daniels appearance on the Ben and Skin show from yesterday.