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Friday afternoon linkaliciousness

There's a lot of stuff out there today you might find interesting. I'm linking it.

Oh, Ian...
Oh, Ian...
Bob Levey

Some linkaliciousness for your reading pleasure...

Jim Bowden runs down the best fits for the remaining big name free agents, and predicts the Rangers end up with Kyle Lohse on a one year deal.

Jay Jaffe says that the Rangers need to do something, and suggests that they pursue Giancarlo Stanton.

Evan Grant has a "Five Things To Know" blog post from this morning, in which he talks about the possibility of the Rangers getting back in on Justin Upton, and talks about the decision not to move Ian Kinsler to first base this season, which he says shows the Rangers learned from their previous mistakes in making Michael Young move.

Dave Cameron is unhappy Jack Z is being criticized for overpaying in his offer for Upton, and has a post at FanGraphs where he attempts to defend the package offered as being reasonable.

John Sickels has his Angels top 20 prospect list. Spoiler alert -- the Angels have a lousy farm system.

Keith Law did a chat session yesterday. He thinks there's at least a 50% chance Mike Olt is playing for another organization by Opening Day.

Remember Tim Smith? He was a 2007 draft pick of the Rangers who was sent to Kansas City as part of the Danny Gutierrez deal. And he signed a minor league deal with Baltimore, joining the former Ranger brigade over there.