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Saturday a.m. Rangers stuff

Saturday a.m. Rangers news and links

Yu Darvish
Yu Darvish
Ronald Martinez

Spring training is just around the corner, folks. Its not going to be long now until we have baseball again...

Drew Davison has a story about how, while the Rangers are happy with their roster, they are also open to making another move. It includes quotes from Jon Daniels as well as from Scott Boras, who represents free agents Michael Bourn and Kyle Lohse, with Boras saying the Rangers need to continue to spend to show the fans that they are committed to winning.

T.R. Sullivan says the Rangers are continuing to stay in contact with Boras on Lohse. I've seen some dismiss the possibility that the Rangers would give up a draft pick to sign Lohse, but the Rangers are picking late in the first round, and it isn't as if they wouldn't be willing to part with a prospect for a starting pitcher. It wouldn't shock me if the Rangers ended up doing a one year deal with Lohse, even at the cost of their first rounder.

Anthony Andro writes that the Rangers are comfortable with their rotation as it is currently constituted, and if they don't add anyone else, Robbie Ross will be stretched out to compete for the fifth starter job in spring training, along with Martin Perez and Justin Grimm.

Jim Bowden says the Boston Red Sox are wanting to limit their deal with Mike Napoli to a one year guarantee. The Rangers reportedly offered Napoli a two year, $20 million deal earlier this offseason, although it is unknown whether the Rangers would still be willing to do that. At this point, you'd have to think the Rangers would only be interested in Napoli as a first baseman, with Mitch Moreland moving to AAA or a bench role.

A.J. Pierzynski says his focus this spring will be on getting to know the pitchers he will be working with.

Andro has a story on Yu Darvish, who wants to build on his 2012 season to be even more successful in 2013.

Behind the paywall, Gerry Fraley also has a story on Yu Darvish and his desire to take a step forward in 2013.

Geovany Soto is going to be Darvish's personal catcher in 2013.

Sullivan has a notes piece that has stuff on Joakim Soria's return from injury, Yu Darvish on how he feels after his 2012 season, and quotes from last night's awards show.