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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

The latest news and notes on the team that wore cowboy hats on the field once.

Remember when the Rangers signed Joakim Soria?
Remember when the Rangers signed Joakim Soria?
Jonathan Ferrey

Here's a tweet to start your morning:

No word on if the Rangers are also prepared to help control the pet population by having Rangers Captain neutered.

Richard Durrett continues his Surprise position outlook today by examining an interesting center field for the Rangers in 2013. Will this be the year of King Leonys' coronation? Will Kitten Face Gentry continue to lap up platoon playing time? Will the Rangers find a new Bourn identity now that they have a Hambone to pick with Anaheim?

T.R. Sullivan writes about forgotten bullpen addition Joakim Soria who is happy to set up for Joe Nathan at some point in 2013 but also hopes to one day be a closer again.

Durrett writes about the Rangers maybe looking into signing Shaun Marcum. I, however, would not like for that to happen unless Marcum were headed here on the super cheap.

The folks at the DMN have written a couple of Prospect Primers on Wilmer Font (which you can read here) and Luis Sardinas (wherein he is compared to Elvis Andrus).

Durrett has A.J. Pierzynski's thoughts on Yu Darvish and the opportunity to catch Darvish. I don't think Pierzynski knows yet that Geovany Soto is Darvish's personal catcher.

Finally, here's a video I think about whenever I wonder if the Rangers and Diamondbacks will ever work out a deal to send Justin Upton to the Rangers: