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Olney: Rangers Infield is the best in MLB

Buster Olney ranks the top 10 infields in MLB, and the Rangers are #1 on his list

Ronald Martinez

Buster Olney's morning blog post includes a ranking of the top infields in MLB, and the Ranger infield comes in at #1. No other A.L. West team is included in the top 10, although Olney does have an idiosyncratic inclusion at the end of the list, putting the Royals as the 10th best infield in baseball, based primarily on the abilities of Alex Gordon and Eric Hosmer.

Obviously, Rangers fans know that the infield is a strength, with Adrian Beltre and Elvis Andrus among the best in baseball at their position, Ian Kinsler finishing in the top 10 in fWAR among second basemen last season despite having one of his worst seasons as a major leaguer, and the first base situation in flux, with either Mitch Moreland or Jurickson Profar looking likely to be the fourth infielder (with Kinsler moving to first base and Profar to second base if Profar is a starter).

The Rangers didn't show up in the top 10 of Olney's rankings of the outfielders or the rotations, and outfield is likely going to be a weakness for the Rangers this year. Still, having the best infield in baseball counts for something, and its nice to see the Rangers' Fab Four get recognition for being the best.