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Rosenthal on Rangers' offer for Justin Upton

Ken Rosenthal offers some details on what the Rangers have offered for Justin Upton

Justin Upton.  Future Ranger?
Justin Upton. Future Ranger?
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Ken Rosenthal has a column today that leads off talking about a possible Felix Hernandez extension, but which also deals with the details of the Rangers' proposal to try to land Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Justin Upton.

Rosnethal says the last time they talked, the Rangers were offering Mike Olt, either Martin Perez or Cody Buckel (presumably the D-Backs had their choice of one of the two), Leury Garcia, and another prospect. Who the "other prospect" would be could make a significant difference in the deal -- if the "other prospect" is Jorge Alfaro or Ronald Guzman, that's a lot different than if the "other prospect" is Ben Rowen or Joe Ortiz.

Regardless, though, the Rangers' offer seems to be to be a pretty solid offer. There's been talk that the D-Backs want Luis Sardinas rather than Garcia, though the Rangers appear to think that Sardinas is undervalued right now, and if they think he's poised to make a leap and establish himself as an upper-level shortstop prospect in 2013, his value is going to be a lot higher in six months than it is now, so I can get being reluctant to deal him.

The reality is, though, that Olt, Perez/Buckel, Garcia, and a random prospect doesn't match what Seattle offered, and I think you can make an argument that Taijuan Walker alone is worth more than that Texas package.

Upton's inconsistent performances, along with his age, also makes it hard to get a bead on what Upton's true value is. He was close to a 5 win player as a 21 year old in 2009, and had an MVP-caliber season in 2011. He also was a 2.5 win player last year and a 3 win player in 2010. Upton is just 25, so you figure his best days are ahead of him...but the good, but not great, performances in 2010 and 2012 still have to give you pause.

Bottom line, if the Rangers give up this sort of package for Upton, I'd be on board with it. It seems like a reasonable price, and as we've discussed at length before, the Rangers need to trade Olt if they're going to maximize his value. But then, if I, as a Ranger fan, think its a reasonable price, then that may be a sign that it isn't really enough.