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Wednesday Morning Links

All Justin Upton trade talk all the time.

Ezra Shaw

Mike Napoli is totally going to miss you guys. But, hey, beer, chicken and videogames in the clubhouse, duders.

Leury Garcia went hitless in his final game of the Dominican Winter League playoffs, though he finished third in batting average and led the league for much of the season.

The DMN has a slideshow entitled 10 Things You May Not Know About Matt Harrison (if you are one of Tom Cruise's body thetans and are puzzled by these hu-man sports).

If you haven't had enough Justin Upton trade ideas, Richard Durett solicits suggestions from his readers. Even troll commenters are tired of that discussion, though, because there aren't any comments.

Durrett also continues his position outlook by examining Derek Holland, number three in our rotation but number one in our farts.

Finally, it was Confucius or The Bard or Lindsay Lohan or somebody that said that there are three methods to gain wisdom... the first, by study, which is noblest; the second, by imitation, which is easiest; and the third, by experience, which is bitterest. Many of you don't think twice about having some drinks and then driving, many of you probably have at least a few times where you don't remember driving home. Jay Ratliff chose not to learn by imitation what Josh Brent learned by bitter experience. If you can't afford a cab, drink at home, fellas.