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Mayo: Profar #1 SS prospect, Olt #2 3B prospect

Jonathan Mayo says that Jurickson Profar is the #1 shortstop prospect in baseball, while Mike Olt is the #2 third base prospect in baseball

Jared Wickerham

Jonathan Mayo has been doing a list of the top 10 prospect at every position, and at the end of the past week, the Rangers' top two prospects were featured prominently on the lists for their respective positions.

Mayo has Jurickson Profar as the #1 shortstop prospect in baseball, topping his list of the best shortstop prospects in the game.

Mike Olt, meanwhile, checks in at #2 on Mayo's list of the best third basemen in the game. Joey Gallo also makes Mayo's top 10 third basemen list, checking in at #8.

Profar was #2 on Mayo's shortstop list last year, trailing only Manny Machado, who has graduated to the majors. Olt was fourth last season on the third base list, and jumped up to #2 by passing Anthony Rendon and Nolan Arenado.

Mayo writes that Olt is blocked at third base by Adrian Beltre, but says that Olt's bat profiles "just fine" at first base or a corner outfield spot, which suggests that Mayo is higher on Olt's bat than I am. I have my doubts that Olt profiles that well if he moves off of third.