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Thursday Morning Links

Lance Berkman, who I primarily associate with a playoff butt injury, talking to Rangers. Hooray.

Christian Petersen

There's a pretty neat soft-focus piece that has a Moonlight Graham kind of vibe over at the Startlegram.

There are reports that the Rangers are in on Lance Berkman, with Gerry Fraley saying they are "monitoring" the Berkman situation as he mulls whether to return to baseball in 2013. That is less than titillating.

Richard Durrett asks if the trade winds are blowing through Arlington, though he notes that an Andrus trade is the most likely and since Upton is not in Arlington the safe money is on a Beltre, Andrus, Profar, Kinsler infield in 2013.

There's a story at Bleacher Report telling us that the sun rises in the east and that the Rangers should let Nelson Cruz walk after this season.

Finally, here's Everything Wrong With Prometheus in 4 minutes.