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Thursday afternoon linkaliciousness

Various links for you to peruse on a Thursday afternoon

Scott Coolbaugh
Scott Coolbaugh
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

Richard Durrett has the list of all the Rangers' minor league managers, coaches, etc. for 2013, and where they will be. Most noteworthy to me is that Scott Coolbaugh, who was the major league hitting coach in 2012, will be the hitting coach for Round Rock in 2013. When the Rangers hired Dave Magadan to take over the hitting coach duties, the indication was that they wanted Coolbaugh to stay in the organization, but it wasn't clear whether he would stay or not.

This is an amusing blog post about Andrew McCutchen and his Instagram feed, which makes the author want to be McCutchen's best friend.

This is an amusing piece over at BP which has 29 trade proposals made on the internet by fans of 29 teams trying to land Giancarlo Stanton. It will make you feel better about the trade proposals T.R. Sullivan gets, and the Rangers proposals, according to the article, were the least crazy of the ones he saw.

Buster Olney ranks the best lineups in baseball (it appears he is talking just offense), and has the Rangers 4th, behind the Angels, the Brewers, and the Cardinals. Yeah, that seems a little high to me.

T.R. Sullivan runs down his Hall of Fame ballot, and has the maximum 10 players on there, and it sounds like he would have voted for more of he could have.

Grant Brisbee notes that lefthanded Angels hitters faced a lefthanded pitcher 7 times in 2012. That's it -- 7 total ABs for a lefty Angel hitter against a lefty pitcher. I'm willing to bet the Rangers had a lefty hitter face a lefty pitcher 7 times in one game in 2012.

(Speaking of Grant, if you haven't already, go check out that story on the LSB front page about URLs and the Hall of Fame. Seriously. Its awesome.)

Joe Posnanski runs down those players on the Hall of Fame ballot this year that he thinks are worthy of significant consideration, but don't make the cut (for him).

And Jeff Pearlman has a pretty cool Q&A up with Tom Verducci. I'm not a Pearlman fan, particularly, but this is a great read.