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Thursday Morning Links

We're at the point of the offseason where CJ Wilson signing a Head & Shoulders endorsement deal counts as significant news.

Jamie Squire

CJ Wilson is in New Orleans endorsing Head and Shoulders. As can be expected, in the interview about dandruff shampoo he discusses one of his infinite number of non-baseball related hobbies and/or interests.

Mitch Moreland has lost ten pounds and wants to quit sucking against lefties. The article has an interesting quote from Ian Kinsler, where he says that players in baseball get labeled and he thinks Mitch Moreland is going to shed that label and be an All Star this year, but Kinsler doesn't tell us what Mitch's label is. I'm guessing it's "replacement level."

Craig Gentry has some fairly content-free things to say about his likely platoon role in 2013, the reading of which broke my Crash Davis cliche counter.

If you want a reason to start drinking before noon, Richard Durrett continues his 10 spring questions series by asking who sets up for Joe Nathan.

Apparently, Ronaiah Tuiasasopo, in a development that eerily parallels this season's second episode of Archer, accidentally fell in love with Manti Te'o. When asked if that made him gay, Tuisasasopo said "I guess when you put it that way, yes."

That's all I got.