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Galloway: Rangers lineup without Cruz is "pathetic"

Randy Galloway writes about the Nelson Cruz situation, anticipating a suspension and taking shots at the front office for the offseason

Layne Murdoch

Randy Galloway has a column up that you might want to read. Or that you might not.

It is nominally about the Nelson Cruz situation and how the Rangers should expect to start the season without Cruz for the first 50 games of the year, with Galloway saying this about what that means:

It's a questionable batting order even with Nellie. Take him out of right field for 50 games, and it's a pathetic batting order.

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The here's also swipes at the front office, and at Nolan Ryan, for not getting Jon Daniels in check and under control:

However, there are also prominent players' agents out there -- and agents certainly have their own agendas -- blaming the Rangers' winter on a front-office arrogance, aimed at Daniels, and a failure of Ryan to step up and take charge of the situation, or Daniels, or both.

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Meanwhile, the Rangers have been scrambling all winter, attempting to cover butt after a repeated failure of off-season goals. Now it's hello to a new scramble.

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So you can read it, or not. Your choice.