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Friday morning Rangers things

Friday morning Rangers news and links

Darren Oliver
Darren Oliver
Stephen Dunn

Happy Friday, everyone...

Jeff Wilson has a story in the S-T about the Rangers signing Jason Frasor, with Frasor saying he wanted to pitch for a "winner."

Anthony Andro also has a story on the Frasor signing.

T.R. Sullivan also has a story on the Frasor signing, with Frasor saying physically, he's "absolutely perfect," and saying that if he drinks a Red Bull he can hit 95 mph with his fastball.

In another situation that could impact the bullpen, Darren Oliver's agent Jeff Frye says that the he will retire if the Blue Jays don't trade him to Texas or give him a raise. Oliver is set to make $3 million in 2013. Given the state of the bullpen and that salary, I wouldn't mind seeing the Rangers go get Oliver.

Brian McTaggert has a story on the Rangers/Astros intra-divisional rivalry kicking off on the first night of the season.

Gerry Fraley writes that the Rangers will not have a minor league hitting coordinator this season, as they are having minor league instructors Jayce Tingler and Harry Spilman implement a different program.

Richard Durrett says one of the Rangers' resolutions this year should be for Yu Darvish to turn into an ace. Another one is to finish stronger.