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Sunday morning Rangers things

Sunday morning Rangers news and links


Hey, the NHL lockout ended! Yay, I guess...

There's a bunch of Lance Berkman links today. But I'm guessing you already knew that...

Brian McTaggert has a story at the Rangers website about the Berkman signing, that includes numerous quotes from Berkman about coming back, what he hopes to do, and being a DH.

Jeff Wilson has a story on the signing of Berkman, in which he addresses the controversial comments Berkman has made about the Rangers in the past, and says that the signing makes it unlikely Jurickson Profar will start the season in the majors.

Tim Cowlishaw has a blog post with his thoughts on the Berkman signing.

Gerry Fraley has a story about whether the Rangers and Michael Bourn would be a fit at this late point in free agency.