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Monday Morning Rangers Update

Lance Berkman was just kidding you guys. He will personally hit a home run for you if you're still sore about it, though.

Lance Berkman is just goofin'. Silver boot goofin'.
Lance Berkman is just goofin'. Silver boot goofin'.
Bob Levey

The Rangers report to Surprise, Arizona in a little over five weeks from now. I'm starting to miss baseball again.

Now that Lance Berkman is in the fold, T.R. Sullivan writes about how the acquisition of the DH will impact the lineup, Ian Kinsler's position, Jurickson Profar's status, Mike Olt's usefulness, and your ability to enjoy baseball. (Though maybe not that last one.)

Richard Durrett writes about Berkman's signing and has quotes from Berkman himself where he says he's hopeful he can win fans over by playing well and that he's happy to be a Ranger. Can't argue with that.

Gil Lebreton has a piece on Berkman and writes that if Berkman is healthy in 2013, then the Rangers may have salvaged their stalled offseason. Can't argue with that, either. Berkman is a good baseball hitter when he's playing baseball.

The staff over at the DMN serve up a couple of paragraphs about a tweet from Jon Heyman where he believes the Rangers are potentially still in on Michael Bourn, Kyle Lohse, and Justin Upton. Of course, Bourn and Lohse are Boras clients and their markets are deader than dead. It probably won't be long before we read about the Rangers "doing background work on Rafael Soriano."

Proof that Spring Training will be here sooner rather than later, Durrett begins his Surprise position outlook series with a look at where the Rangers stand at catcher.

Gerry Fraley blogs about Leury Garcia putting together a 5-hit game in the Dominican League playoffs.

Finally, Happy Birthday to Lone Star Ball blogmaster Adam J. Morris. Here's a Monday Morning Video for you: