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Wednesday Morning Links

Rangers unveil dynamic pricing for select seats, put options on upper-level Rangers-Houston tickets soar to record highs.

Kinsler has been running "Yo Mama" drills all offseason so that he's ready to be ejected as early in the season as is needed.
Kinsler has been running "Yo Mama" drills all offseason so that he's ready to be ejected as early in the season as is needed.
Jim McIsaac

So the Rangers have announced that they are implementing dynamic pricing for all upper level reserved seating for 2013, with prices starting at $18 for non-premium and $21 for premium games and then fluctuating based on supply and demand. In memory of HurlerHurley (PBUH), here is a similar system that your local bar can buy so that Jagerbombs go up in price as the density of popped collars rises.

T.R. Sullivan says that Jon Daniels hasn't ruled out Michael Bourn and Kyle Lohse. If you aren't excited by Kyle Lohse, you should check out Jeff Sullivan's Kyle Lohse propaganda piece, wherein we learned that "the truecoat was put on Kyle Lohse at the factory!" Move over Jon Heyman, there's a new sheriff in town. For balance, here's Jeff marveling at that one long homerun that Michael Bourn hit.

Sullivan (T.R., not Jeff) also says that Matt Harrison may be rewarded for his continued development into a good starting pitcher with a contract extension, though it appears from Harrison's remarks that those talks have been more hot-and-heavy than "shoulder hug while holding pelvis as far away as possible" but less so than "touched boob over bra but under shirt." We'll call it the "open lip kiss, no tongue" stage of negotiations.

Jeff Wilson says that the Ballpark renovations are progressing on schedule but aren't completed yet and that Alex Rodriguez's hip surgery will take place in a week. The Yankees hope that ARod will be out of his Hoveround and eating early dinners at Luby's by the All Star break.

Evan Grant has five things he wants you to know about the Lance Berkman signing, one of which is that Mitch Moreland sees the Sword of Damocles hanging over his head and has hired a lefthander to throw him batting practice this offseason. Here's hoping it wasn't Arthur Rhodes. Gerry Fraley notes that Elvis Andrus was hit by a pitch in the Venezuelan winter league playoffs but the opposing pitcher only rolled a +1 damage.

Ticket prices are going up for 2013 because Adam is tired of sharing his ballgame experience with the proles.

Richard Durrett says you shouldn't boo Josh Hamilton at the home opener, but invites instead you to suggestively drink can after can of sweet, delicious Red Bull.

With the announcement yesterday that we would let our swords be swords and our plowshares be plowshares (rather than moving a plowshare to first and then beating a sword into a poorly functioning plowshare), Richard Durett can happily continue his position outlook series by examining Ian Kinsler at second base.

Finally, here's a feasibility study on moving an asteroid from solar orbit to lunar orbit. Pham Nuwen was unavailable for comment.