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Thursday Morning Links

Jeff Baker's DFA sends message: handshake tomfoolery WILL NOT BE TOLERATED


The Rangers front office and management staff are gathered in Surprise, Arizona, with the hope that trust-falls and drum circles will be worth two wins next season.

Jeff Wilson's notes column tells us that Craig Gentry was named the Ranger Player of the Month for September and that Jeff Baker has been designated for assignment, the first step towards canonization in the Rangers Ring of Clownshoe Injuries.

T.R. Sullivan's notebook also focuses on Gentry and Jeff Baker being DFA'd to make room for Matt West returning from the 60 day DL.

Despite the fact that slideshows are my sworn enemy, Evan Grant gives the outfielders their final grades for the season, and somehow David Murphy got a D- instead of the "0" and "frowny face!" with skunk scratch-n-sniff sticker his performance merited.

Richard Durrett looked at the Rangers options for first base in 2014, which include Abreu, Moreland, Kinsler, and James Loney. Durrett also says Mike Scioscia and Jerry DiPoto will be back in their respective roles next season.

Finally, Entertainment Weekly published an excerpt from a memoir by Johnny Carson's lawyer, which included anecdotes about drunken tomcatting leading to a near murder at the hands of the mob and drunken... I don't know... cuckold discovery, I guess, with Ed McMahon.