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Friday morning Rangers things

Friday morning Rangers news and links

Ronald Martinez

Its Friday, everybody.  Gotta get down on Friday.

Todd Wills has a piece at the ESPN Dallas blog, looking at what the Rangers could -- or should -- do with Alexi Ogando for 2014.  My guess is that the Rangers bring back Colby Lewis on a minor league deal, and have Ogando work as a starter and be ready to join the rotation this spring if Lewis can't go.  Otherwise, Ogando goes to the pen.

Richard Durrett looks at the catching situation for the Rangers in 2014, and suggests that, if the Rangers don't land free agent Brian McCann, they'll be looking for another one-year stopgap option.

Gerry Fraley has a blog post on Ron Washington being involved in the MLB Urban Academy initiative.

Jeff Wilson has some notes on the Rangers' coaching search, the promotion of Mike Daly to replace the re-assigned Tim Purpura in the Rangers' front office, and Matt West's AFL debut last night.

On a non-baseball-related (but D/FW sports related) note, Jason Lisk, a writer at The Big Lead and a classmate of mine at law school, takes Chris Arnold to task for plagiarizing a piece on Tony Romo.  Its, uh, pretty egregious.